Introduction to Human Factors

Understand the basics of human factors and how to integrate it in your operation.

Look at your work through the lens of Human Factors.

In today's world, an understanding of Human Factors is essential for anyone working in system design, safety management, and other operations-critical roles.

Course summary

The Introduction to Human Factors course will build your knowledge of human factors, and help you to apply basic human factors principles in your day to day work. You will gain an understanding of the scope of human factors, and some basic tools that you can start to apply straight away. The course is also a valuable foundation for further study in human factors, which makes it the perfect starting point before you enrol in one of our more specialised courses.

The course provides a solid foundation in human factors for those working in safety-critical operations, engineering and project management, product development, safety and quality management, safety investigations, and training.

The course can be visited as many times as you wish, over an 8 week period, and the learning platform will remember your place in the course. This means that you can complete the learning in small sections to fit with your busy schedule. 

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Course Details

Human performance

Apply your understanding of human characteristics, capabilities and limitations, to your work environment to better understand and optimise human performance outcomes.

HF integration in management systems

Integrate human factors considerations in your organisation's management systems, including risk management, safety investigations, and operational performance indicators.  

Human-centred design

Apply basic human factors tools when designing systems, processes and environments, to design for safety, efficiency and comfort by meeting human needs and requirements.

High performance skills training

Apply skills and techniques that are associated with peak performance, to perform at your best and manage the challenges of operational variability and complexity.

Course overview

1. What is Human Factors?
2. History of Human Factors
3.  Human performance basics
4.  Human Factors in systems design
5. Human Factors in operations and safety management
6. High performance skills training
8-10 hours (approximately) self-paced. The course is structured in short modules of about 1-2 hours duration.  
Required resources:
Headphones or speaker for audio content.
For the best possible experience, complete the course on a computer or tablet device with an up-to-date operating system and browser.
*Please note that the course is not compatible with some older iPads that don't have the latest version of iOS and Safari, and older browsers such as Internet Explorer.
English, with English subtitles available (closed captions) 

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