Human Factors and System Safety specialists.

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Individuals interact with technology, equipment, tools, buildings, and environments both in their professional lives and daily routines.

We decode these interactions to forge transformational change for people, products, and organisations.
At the core of our philosophy is a dedication to understanding human behaviour, capabilities, and limitations to enhance system performance, safety, and user satisfaction.

At SystemiQ, we are a collective of human factors professionals who offer unparalleled human factors (HF) support, tailored to your requirements, including:

    • Comprehensive HF programs for large-scale change projects.

    • HF support to supplement your internal engineering and safety team resources.

    • Reviews of specific human-system performance concerns and bespoke advice to improve operational performance.

    • Upskilling engineering and safety professionals in HF to build internal capability.

Visit SystemiQ's Human Factors consulting website to find out more:

What are the benefits?

Human Factors engineering is pivotal in creating systems that are not only efficient and safe but also user-friendly and adaptable to the needs of diverse user groups. By prioritising the human element in system design, SystemiQ helps organisations to:

Enhance system safety and manage risks

Increase user satisfaction and engagement

Improve operational performance and reliability

Reduce training and support costs by designing intuitive systems

Foster innovation through user-centred design

SystemiQ is dedicated to offering a wide range of human factors services tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients:

Systems Enginering Integration

Seamlessly blending HF into systems engineering processes, enhancing overall system performance.

Human-Centered Design and Innovation

Crafting solutions that prioritise user needs, from concept to execution.

HF in Safety Management

Leveraging human factors insights to bolster safety within operations and Safety Management Systems.

Insights and Analytics

Transforming data into actionable insights to drive decision-making and innovation.

Building Capability

Empowering teams and individuals through targeted training and development initiatives.
We help organisations to understand and improve human-system integration and performance, across all industry sectors, each with its unique challenges and opportunities.  For example:



Health care

Engineering Projects

Built Environment

Energy and Resources

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Our Industry Experience

At SystemiQ, our multifaceted expertise extends across the rail, aviation, technology, energy, and architectural design sectors, to name just a few.  Our team is enriched with professionals who have excelled in HF and rail safety roles within some of Australia's most significant passenger train operations, offering unparalleled HF integration support to a variety of projects. These projects range from engineering initiatives and safety management systems to operational training.  In the aviation sector, we've leveraged our director's background in leading airlines to provide comprehensive HF support across flight operations, maintenance, and ground handling.

Our proficiency in technology and innovation has enabled us to enhance interactions between humans and cutting-edge technologies, ensuring the usability and accessibility of digital platforms and automated systems are second to none.  In the energy sector, SystemiQ has been pivotal in improving organisations' safety investigations and Just Culture.  We specialise in systemic reviews aimed at mitigating human error, underscoring our commitment to safety and efficiency.

Notably, our expertise in human-centred design was instrumental in the development of a new international airport, with a keen focus on user experience, effective layout, and safety.  This project, among others, showcases our ability to take a pragmatic approach, while  ensuring that the end-user's needs are at the forefront of every decision. Below, a few of these examples are explored in further detail.

Operational Readiness Support for new Rollingstock

For a $2.8 billion rollingstock procurement project, SystemiQ played a crucial role in operational readiness through comprehensive Risk-Based Training Needs Analyses (RBTNAs) and bespoke conversion training courses.  Our approach focused on enhancing safety and operational efficiency by prioritising critical competencies.

Human Factors Integration for Design of a New Airport

SystemiQ’s human-centered design expertise was pivotal in the architectural design phase of a new international airport.  Through detailed task analyses and user journey mapping, we ensured the airport layout, wayfinding, and safety features were optimised for all users, from passengers to staff and occasional visitors to the facility.

Medical Device Design HF Engineering Course

SystemiQ tailored its Human Factors for Engineering / Design course for a medical device manufacturer, to build human factors capability among the organisation’s engineers and designers.  The course focused on applying the human sciences in improving system design and user experience, through integration of human factors tools and methods within the systems engineering process.  The interactive workshops provided a mix of industry insights and actionable tools that engineers could immediately apply to their medical device and software development processes.  The response to the workshops was exceptionally positive, emphasising the program’s effectiveness in enhancing  participants’ understanding and implementation of human factors within design.
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Ready to enhance your operations with expert human factors integration?

Contact SystemiQ today to discuss how we can seamlessly integrate human factors within your operation or major project.

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