The SystemiQ Academy learning experience.

Learn at your convenience

You can learn in a way that suits your lifestyle and work schedule. Our courses are designed to be self-directed, allowing you to control when you learn, where you learn, and the pace of your learning. You can also control how much you focus on different topics within the course, by choosing extra content in topics that interest you.

Interactive and engaging learning

Our courses are specially designed to provide and interactive and engaging experience, providing for deeper learning and greater transfer to your everyday work environment. Content is developed by experienced professionals who have put the theory into practice, which ensures a practical, real-world focus throughout.

Interact with others while you learn

Every course enables you to share ideas and discuss course content with our facilitators and other learners, using in-built social tools. Share ideas and practical experiences while you learn, through discussions with people from diverse professions, organisations and industries.  

Premium tutorials with subject-matter experts

Supplement your learning experience with web-based tutorials with our expert facilitators. Discuss course content and ask questions via your preferred web conferencing platform (e.g. Zoom or MS Teams). Tutorials are available at flexible times with our Premium packages.

Human Factors is now an essential skillset for anyone working in system design or safety management, across all industry sectors.

Learn together with your team.

Learn together by completing a course while online with your colleagues and friends, or find out about tailored learning experiences for larger groups and organisations.

Host a 'watch party' with your colleagues.

Do the course together, even though you're in different locations! Plan to complete a course at the same time as your colleagues and friends, and have live discussions throughout the course using the inbuilt chat tools. You may even decide to schedule your own discussion sessions while working on the course, to discuss content via your favourite web-conferencing or social media platform.  

Our Premium learning packages include web-based sessions with our expert facilitators, giving you the opportunity to discuss the course content and ask questions. If you and your colleagues enrol in the same course, you may choose to take advantage of these sessions as a team.

Does your organisation need to train larger groups?

Bring the benefits of facilitated group-based learning into the online environment! For larger groups, we can provide dedicated courses specifically for your organisation, and can support bulk enrolment processes. We have different delivery modes to suit your preference:

- Completely self-directed: learners complete the course at their own pace, at times that are convenient to them.

- Mixed delivery: learners complete content at their own pace, and engage periodically with our facilitators and their team members across dedicated short web-based sessions (via Zoom or MS Teams).

- Web-based, facilitator led sessions: we can provide fully facilitated group training sessions, in a web-based environment (e.g. Zoom or MS Teams)

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