Meet our team.

All our courses are developed and facilitated by qualified human factors professionals, who have postgraduate qualifications in human factors, organisational psychology, and/or safety management. One thing that draws us together is our common passion for sharing human factors knowledge and tools and translating research into practical tools that can be used in industry.  Read more about each team member below. 

Our experience spans industries and organisations in Australia, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.  

Our team has demonstrated experience in developing and delivering competency-based training programs for safety-critical roles within the Australian rail industry, and within the aviation industry globally. We have experience in applying relevant regulatory and vocational education framework requirements, having previously worked with the Rail Safety National Law and Regulations, Civil Aviation safety regulations of a number of countries, and the Australian vocational education and training (VET) quality framework.   

Ben Austin

Human Factors Consultant

Janine Leister

Senior Human Factors Consultant

Allison McDonald

Founder, Lead Consultant

Jess Quilty

Human Factors Consultant