Threat and Error Management - Rail Industry

Apply Threat and Error Management (TEM) tools within your day to day operation.

Manage the everyday challenges of normal operations.

Apply Threat and Error Management (TEM) tools within your day to day operation. Use TEM as a framework for understanding the impacts of complexity and variability in normal operations.

Course summary

The Threat and Error Management (TEM) course will introduce the TEM model as a valuable tool for managing operational threats and human error in normal operations. TEM offers a valuable tool for improving rail safety. In a similar way to road vehicle drivers learning 'defensive driving' techniques, TEM gives drivers the tools to more proactively identify and manage operational threats or hazards.

TEM is a proactive approach to managing rail safety risks and complexity within the operational environment. You will gain skills in applying TEM to proactively manage everyday operational situations, and understand how the model can be used in measuring normal operations. The course is also a valuable foundation for further study in our high performance skills course, which explores in greater depth the countermeasures used to manage threats and errors effectively.

This Threat and Error Management course is specifically designed for train drivers or rail traffic crew, across different operational environments including both passenger and heavy haulage. It is appropriate for both trainee drivers and more experienced drivers. The course is also highly relevant to driver trainers, train crew supervisors, incident investigators, and rail safety professionals. TEM provides a solid foundation to support the implementation of SPAD-prevention initiatives and the more effective implementation of techniques such as Risk-triggered Commentary.

To support and consolidate the transfer of knowledge and skills to the operating environment, the course includes an optional, downloadable on-track activity that can be completed by drivers in a self-directed way, or with the help of a driver trainer.

Contact us to discuss bulk enrolments and discounted course prices for larger groups, or to tailor the course specifically for your rail organisation.

Course overview

1. Introduction to Threat and Error Management (TEM)
2. TEM in practice (managing threats and errors effectively)
3.  TEM at the organisational level
2 - 2.5 hours (approximately) self-paced
Required resources:
Headphones or speaker for audio content.
For the best possible experience, complete the course on a computer or tablet device with an up-to-date operating system and browser.
*Please note that the course is not compatible with some older iPads that don't have the latest version of iOS and Safari, and older browsers such as Internet Explorer.